Postgraduate students



Fadhliani Umar – Modeling land use change impacts on water resources in a data scarce region using semi distributed model and remote sensing data

Nurfarhana Raffar – Quantifying threats to rice security in Malaysia under climate change and mitigation using a weather-based risk approach

Mohamad Fariq Rahmat – Development of Boolean expression function of neural network with integration of spatiotemporal data for Leptospirosis prediction

Nurul Iman Saiful Bahari – Development of geospatial model for elucidation of brown planthopper  landscape ecology in Malaysian rice field and prediction of its prevalence (main supervision by Dr Farrah Melissa Muharam)

Muhammad Firdaus Umar Saifuddin – The development of a hybrid risk assessment model for water pollution in river basin using an integrated index-based approach (main supervision by Dr Zulfa Hanan Ashaari)

Surajo Adamu – Immunofluorescence study and spatial distribution of leptospirosis in Selangor state, Malaysia (main supervision by Dr Vasantha Kumari Neela)

Okeke Tochukwu – Assessment of climate change induced flood hazard and adaptation strategies in Upper Klang River Basin (main supervision by Dr Balqis Mohamed Rehan)

Shabir Ahmad Kabirzad – Incorporating intangible damage and evaluating resilience in flood risk assessment and management (main supervision by Dr Balqis Mohamed Rehan)


Mukhtar Jamal Abdi – Index insurance for managing climate risks in small scale tropical rice farming systems – the case of Malaysia

Veianthan Jayaramu – Leptospirosis prediction modelling under hydrometeorological extremes using random forest: a case study of the flood prone districts of Kelantan. 

Mok Yi Wen –  Adaptation strategies for rice cultivation under climate change in northern Malaysia using the Soil Water Assessment Tool.

Muhammad Yusof Merzuki – Assessment of changes in Klang River flows due to SMART tunnel flow diversion using hydrodynamic modelling.

Mohamad Aswad Amran – Impact of the SMART tunnel diversion on Kuala Lumpur flood risk

Nisa Eva Lailatun – A local scale assessment on implications of ALOS PALSAR and SRTM to flood inundations, damage, and risk estimations: a case study of Toba River, Kuala Lumpur (main supervision by Dr Balqis Mohamed Rehan)



Saima Nauman – Assessment of potential impacts of climate change on the water resources of Haro River watershed, Pakistan

Siti Najja bt Mohd Zad@Mohd Yazid – Assessing satellite-based rainfall products for improved model prediction of rice yield

Zulkarnain Sahat – Inflow forecasting for Beris reservoir using recurrent neural network

Qani’ah Abdul Rahman – Use of geographically weighted regression  to quantify spatial heterogeneity in Leptospirosis transmission across Negeri Sembilan

Siti Aisyah bt Ruslan – Development Of geospatial model for elucidation of Metisa plana’s landscape Ecology in Malaysian oil palm microclimate and prediction of its prevalence (main supervision by Dr Farrah Melissa Muharam).

Mohd Azrol Syafiee b Anuar – Wavelet-NNARX flood prediction model on Kelantan river (main supervision by Dr Ribhan Zafira Abdul Rahman) 

Mohamad Fariq b Rahmat – Feature selection methods for prediction of Leptospirosis occurrence in Seremban based on meteorological data (main supervision by Assoc Prof Dr Asnor Juraiza Hj Ishak)

Muhammad Faiz b Che Hashim – Evaluation of a rice crop growth model for local malaysian rice varieties: a case study at IADA KETARA Terengganu (main supervision by Dr Nurulhuda Khairudin)